Muslim terrorist ‘who wanted to kill several people’ captured after stabbing woman buying groceries

These now daily acts of horror are followed by a different sort of horror, news stories, and analysis that:

promotes, proselytizes for Islam
warnings of “islamophobia” and “fear of reprisals” (which never materialize)
and my personal favorite, “Muslims are the true victims” of these daily acts of slaughter because of the brave few who dare rebuke the big lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

A 20-year-old Russian man has been arrested in Norway for stabbing a woman in a supermarket in ‘an act of terrorism’.

The woman was knifed while paying for her groceries in a supermarket in the capital Oslo on Thursday, and remains in critical condition in hospital.

The man was arrested shortly after the attack, upon which he told police it had been an act of terror and that he ‘wanted to kill several people’.

The incident is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism, the head of the Norwegian police’s security service (PST) said on Friday.

‘The man said under questioning that he wanted to kill several people and that this was an act of terror,’ PST head Marie Benedicte Bjørnland told a news conference.

The suspect had arrived in Oslo on Thursday, traveling from Russia via neighboring Sweden, she said. There were no other suspects.

Police was investigating possible links to Islamist extremism, Bjørnland said, adding that the victim was critically ill in hospital.

Marie Benedicte Bjørnland, head of the Norwegian Police Security Service PST, said they are investigating possible links to Islamist extremism

Russia’s foreign ministry and FSB state security service did not immediately respond to Reuters requests for comment about the stabbing incident and the background of the suspect.

The most recent fatal terrorist attack in Norway was in 2011 when far-right militant Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in a bombing in central Oslo and a shooting spree on a nearby island.

In 2017, a 17-year-old Russian who prosecutors said had frequented Islamist websites was sentenced to nine months in jail for making a small bomb and bringing it to the center of Oslo on a busy Saturday night. The device failed to go off.


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