Next To The French President, Trump’s Two-Word Response Shuts Up ABC News White House Correspondent (Video)

President Trump whisked a “little piece of dandruff” off French President Emmanuel Macron’s suit Tuesday morning during a state visit at the White House.

Trump gushed about his friendship with Macron before leaning over and using his index finger to flick the French leader’s jacket.

“They’re all saying what a great relationship we have and they’re actually correct. It’s not fake news … But we do have a very special relationship,” Trump told reporters. “In fact, I’ll get that little piece of dandruff off. We have to make him perfect. He is perfect.”

Macron is in town for a three-day visit to the capital, which kicked off Monday.

Trump and Macron chatted without translators and stopped just outside the Oval Office to pose for pictures.

“He did a good job, a great job,” he said of Macron. “He’s going to be a great president of France. Only a prediction.”
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But the greatest moment of the night came when President Donald Trump dressed down ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl for asking if he’d consider a pardon for his personal attorney Michael Cohen.

“Stupid question,” Trump declared after Karl asked, “Mr. President, what about Michael Cohen? Are you considering pardoning Michael Cohen?”
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President Donald Trump railed against the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday, calling the Obama administration-negotiated agreement “insane” and “ridiculous” for failing to contain Tehran. Still, he maintained he could soon strike an agreement with his visitor, French President Emmanuel Macron, who is hoping to salvage the international accord.

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