NFL Team Updated Their Team Policy To Suspend Players Who Protest National Anthem Before Games

If a racial divide occurs, amongst players and amongst NFL teams, the sport will be over. As I said before, if owners, coaches, and even fellow players go against the black players, they fear being labeled racist. Liberal intimidation in it’s the simplest form!

The American majority is sick and tired of NFL players using the field as a platform to spew their political views.

Disrespecting our flag and our anthem is not the way to protest nor the place to protest! We The People are pissed at the disrespect to our military and our country!

Slowly some NFL teams are getting the fact that without real Americans there is no Football!

Miami Dolphins players who protest on the field during the national anthem could be suspended for up to four games under a team policy issued this week.

The “Proper Anthem Conduct” section is just one sentence in a nine-page discipline document provided to The Associated Press by a person familiar with the policy who insisted on anonymity because the document is not public. It classifies anthem protests under a large list of “conduct detrimental to the club,” all of which could lead to a paid or unpaid suspension, a fine or both.

NFL owners passed their national anthem rule in May, which prohibits players from taking a knee during the song. The players who disobey and kneel are subject to fines, as are their teams.

Dolphins owner Steve Ross commented in March that “All of our players will be standing” for the anthem. He said that he initially supported what the players were trying to accomplish by kneeling, but he then began to feel that the players were kneeling to protest against “support of our country or the military,” despite the players explicitly saying that was not the case.

Ross also said he was influenced by President Donald Trump’s comments against the players kneeling.

Will you watch this team again this season?

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