Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Who Tipped Off Illegal Aliens to ICE Sweep, Faces Lawsuit

On February 24, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf obstructed an ICE operation as she sent out a memo and tweet in which she warned the migrants of potential raids by United States Immigrants and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She urged the residents to stay vigilant and be prepared for potential raids by consulting with legal authorities to assert their rights to avoid arrests by authorities.

As a result of her actions, many criminal illegal immigrants avoided capture. However, on Tuesday, three illegal immigrants who managed to evade capture after Schaaf’s warning local were arrested for new crimes and are now facing multiple charges of robbery and domestic violence.

Now the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) will file a lawsuit seeking to force Oakland, California, to produce documents related to its mayor Libby Schaaf’s decision to tip off illegal aliens to a major enforcement action in February, IRLI Executive Director Dale Wilcox revealed for the first time on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Sunday.

We’re “tired of these state and local jurisdictions who are thumbing their nose at our duly enacted immigration laws,” Wilcox told Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

IRLI requested copies of emails and other internal communications between Schaff and her top-level staff related to Schaaf’s public tip-off under the California Public Records Act (CPRA), but according to IRLI’s complaint, the assigned deadline passed without any documents being produced. IRLI is now suing to force Oakland to hand over the documents.

“I think [the documents are] going to expose [Schaaf and her staff] radical open-borders philosophy and how … [Schaaf] has been scheming with the chief of police,” Wilcox told House about what IRLI hopes their lawsuit will uncover. “She has mentioned in news reports about conversations she’s had with her chief of police over tipping off illegal aliens. She’s been quite brazen. She’s actually said she’s willing to go to jail to defend criminal illegal aliens.”

Oakland Mayor said it safer for the community for families to stay together. Apparently not the people that were victimized AGAIN by these repeat criminals that SHE warned! Ridiculous! Mayor Schaaf is standing up for these criminals. Time to arrest her for obstruction an ICE operation. Aiding and abetting a fugitive is a criminal offense. Punishable by prison time.

Those victims of the new crimes should include her and the city in their lawsuit. It is time to make these Democrats pay for breaking the law!

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Alex Hall

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