I never believed that they got him especially when Obama had him buried at sea
This is a fraud and the administration which was pro-Islam did this.

Why would they not allow pictures of him before his mysterious dumping off a ship?

Well, some of this answer was given by special forces operative who claims that Osama Bin Laden wasn’t killed!

An Iraq war veteran, Kevin E Lake, that frequently writes for The Free Patriot, claims to have received a letter from a special forces buddy of his.

Although he declares that he will not release the identity of this soldier, he makes it clear that this man has had several experiences that have contributed to his knowledge on the matter.

The Special Forces operative claims that Osama Bin Laden wasn’t killed during the notorious raid on his complex by Seal Team Six. Now he does infer that Osama is still dead nonetheless—obviously as I’m sure we would have seen a video where he himself disputes the claims of his death—and was killed in a drone strike sometime before.

He questions why there was no real evidence shown to the public verifying his death, and why he had an extremely secretive burial at sea. He also wonders why most of the, now famous, Seal Team Six have died under extremely mysterious circumstances—the same can be said for the woman that verified Obama’s birth certificate.

He then turns from questions to a self-proclaimed fact—things he has learned along the way from other soldiers. He reportedly has a friend within Seal Team Six that is unknown to be alive or dead but told him they never made the capture of Osama Bin Laden on that day. In fact, it was all a ploy, a publicity stunt, a political move, to get Obama reelected.

He goes on to explain, “No Sailor or Soldier had ever seen the funeral or the dead body of Bin Laden on board the aircraft carrier.”

He conveys the secrecy around the entire operation and how Seals have been ordered “mum.

We can’t confirm if this soldier is telling the truth but I am sure that something was wrong there!

They tracked down Bin Laden hiding in a house behind a wall in a secret room. They shot him in the face 3 times when he had his hands up and they knew he was unarmed. Then they shot him again when he was on the floor.

Then they compared his DNA with his brothers AFTER they shot and killed him to make sure they had the right man. Then they took a desert man and buried him at sea out of respect. Now you take each of these situations one at a time and then ask yourself if any of it makes sense.

Michelle M.

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