Obama’s Intelligence Director James Clapper Admits Obama is ‘Responsible’ for Mueller Investigation

It is obvious that Russia became a concern to the left only because Hillary lost. The Democrats along with some of the RINOs in Congress are afraid that they will get exposed to what they did to hurt Trump and help Hillary win, so they blame Russia. But, as we remember, Russia was given a “reset” button by Hillary and the Obama administration.

And now, former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper admitted that Russian interference wasn’t viewed as any big deal by Obama despite intel about their meddling until it resulted in his party losing. If that’s not a purely politically motivated reason for an investigation than what is?

On Thursday, Clapper said President Barack Obama should be credited with launching “a whole sequence of events” that led to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia collusion allegations.

In an interview with CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360, Clapper said: “One point I’d like to make, Anderson, that I don’t think has come up very much before — and I’m alluding now to [President Donald Trump’s] criticism of President Obama for all that he did or didn’t do before he left office with respect to the Russian meddling.”

Clapper added: “With respect to the Russian meddling if it weren’t for President Obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set off a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that and it was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. I think that’s an important point when it comes to critiquing President Obama.”

If Hillary had won the elections, there would be no talks about Russia. Everyone knows that and yet the Democrats raise this propaganda against Trump to delegitimize his presidency. Also, Trump has been tougher on Russia than Obama ever was. If you don’t believe me, look up the facts on what Trump has done to Russia vs what Obama did to Russia.

On Thursday, President Trump slammed Obama and officials in his administration, including Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, for their failure to act adequately.

“The reason they decided that was pretty obvious to all — they thought [2016 Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton was going to win the election, and they didn’t think it was a big deal. By contrast, my administration is taking a very firm stance,” Trump said.

“We’re going to take strong actions to secure our election systems and the process,” Trump added. “Unlike previous administrations, my administration has and will continue to move aggressively to [repel] any efforts…to interfere in our elections. We are doing everything in our power to prevent Russian interference in 2018.”

The coup against our duly elected POTUS by IA’s is simply treasonous… It all stinks to high heaven! The Mueller investigation has spent over a year and almost $7 million of taxpayer money investigating the wrong crime and the wrong people! How do they expect the American public to put their faith in the abilities of the FBI/DOJ?

But, the real threat to America’s democracy isn’t Russia, it’s Democrats, liberals in every agency of our government & MSM.

Luckily, President Trump is cleaning house. He is doing things that make Democrats go crazy over…that only exposes themselves for who they truly are!

What do you think?

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Natalie D.

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