Page Six Writer Who Was With Trumps On Election Night Reveals The Real Truth Behind Wolf’s Fire And Fury Claims

American journalist Michael Woolf published the book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, which describes a series of situations around the Trump family. The author himself admits that many of the stories in this book are flat out lies during his prologue. The new book on the Trump family reveals that Melania Trump, after her husband Donald won the US presidential election, was crying, but it was not tears of joy.

“Shortly after 20 o’clock on election night, when it became clear that Donald Trump would win, Donald Trump Younger said his father looked like a ghost. Melanie was in tears, but it was not tears of joy. In less than an hour, the mood of Donald moved from disbelief to horror,” writes Woolf.

However, a Page Six writer who was with the Trumps the night of the election revealed on Monday that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Cindy Adams wrote:

She was always supportive. She gave the race her imprimatur. Melania’s smart. Savvy. And sharper than whoever fed this author his dog bowl.

The writer wasn’t the only person in the room that night, and she explained that her version of events, in which Trump didn’t shed a tear, has been corroborated by others.

“None of us — not one of us — not a single one of us — recall Melania crying,” she said. “And we’ve phoned one another to confirm.”

Adams added that had the first lady been teary, which she reiterated she wasn’t, “It’d have been either from excitement or if her hairdresser was late.”

Well, here you go… The book is a hit because it is full of the things that the left wants to be true. And the left is eating it hook, line and sinker. A lie can travel halfway around the World before the truth gets it’s boots on. If Melania cried is only from pride, joy, and relief that it was finally over and her husband had won. Sad that so many NON DEPLORABLES have made his job so much harder. I hope we can eliminate some of the next election!

But one thing is for sure- the only one crying that night was Hillary and the snowflakes!

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Natalie D.

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