Pelosi’s Bizarre Speech Have Democrats Calling For Her To Step Down (Video)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is showing a rapid decline in cognitive abilities lately.

Some people have questioned her mental fitness lately when she delivered a massively garbled seven-minute speech that didn’t go well at all!

During her speech, Pelosi stumbled and bumbled her way through what should have been a pretty simple speech to deliver.

Pelosi’s seemingly perpetual fumbling for words has raised many questions regarding the House Minority Leader’s health, as she was heard saying confusing phrases such as there was a “commensurate bi-partisan .. common sense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.”

The influential Democrat also said “tax force” instead of “task force,” before falling back into her previous talking points on a “comprehensive immigration bill” in the midst of speaking on gun control.

The “bizarre behavior” is a major reason why numerous Democrats have refused to support the House Minority Leader in any possible future leadership positions, according to American Mirror.

Recently, during a candidate forum of Democrats vying for the congressional seat in Arizona, none of the politician hopefuls initiated support for Pelosi.

The term “cleaning house” has been used by both Republican and Democrat lawmakers over the past year as each struggles to gain the upper hand, however, some Democrats have remained vocal about what needs to be done.

“Our leadership does a tremendous job,” said Rep. Linda Sanchez of California just last fall.

“But … I do think it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition. I want to see that happen.”

It is pretty clear she is having some problems with her cognitive abilities and she could be suffering from Parkinson’s and/or early dementia.

Maybe she needs insulin? Who knows?

Between her, Elizabeth Warren or Maxine Waters, I don’t know who is goofier, but it seems Pelosi’s oddball remarks stem from a health problem where Waters and Warren are both naturally goofy.

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Alex Hall

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