People Are Furious At Trump For Reportedly Breaking a Tradition Followed by the Past 7 Presidents

Were we not told that Obama often skipped the daily intelligence briefing entirely? Obozo the Anti American DEMORAT ignored them but see, that’s okay because it was Obama.

But now, it was reported that President Donald Trump doesn’t read the fabled President’s Daily Briefing — a tradition followed by the last 7 presidents and the people are furious. Instead, he prefers to have the briefings read aloud because he doesn’t want to read the whole report himself.

Via Conservative Daily: “The briefing is top-secret and is written by top-level analysts predominantly from the CIA. It details all of the most pressing national security issues of that day and is compiled from the U.S.’s vast network of intelligence-gathering capabilities.

The current head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, sees no problem with how the president wishes to consume the reports and has actually praised him previously for his comprehension:

“I have seen 25-year intelligence professionals receive briefings. I would tell you that President Trump is the kind of recipient of our information at the same level that they are.”

The former head of CIA, Leon Panetta, does not hold such an optimistic appraisal of Trump’s chosen method of learning:

“Something will be missed. If for some reason his instincts on what should be done are not backed up by the intelligence because he hasn’t taken the time to read that Intel, it increases the risk that he will make a mistake.

You can have the smartest people around you — in the end, it still comes down to his decision.”

The 7 previous presidents read it. Huh, and they all did such a ‘great’ job when it came to decisions concerning foreign relations. (wars, weapons of mass destruction, continued involvement in a war, etc.) Trump knows how to drain the swamp without reading the dib. But this revelation made people furious.


So when president Osama didn’t attend the National Day of Prayer the nation didn’t respond negatively. Our real President prefers the information he receives be read to him and the nation is furious?

And who cares how someone gets a briefing? So long as he gets the information, I could care less how he gets it. This is why we have college lectures if everyone adsorbed the information they read college professors would not waste their time with a lecture.

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Natalie D.

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