Photo Shows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Flashing A Sign That Can Ruin Her Career

In the Democrats world, stunning ignorance is a prerequisite.

A photo from socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared on the social network that may ruin her career.
The photo that has been posted on Twitter shows Ocasio-Cortez making the “OK” hand symbol. According to scholarly research, the historic “OK” hand sign has been adopted by the alt-right as a sign meaning white power.

Some Twitter users accused Ocasio-Cortez to be flashing a “white power” symbol while posing in a photo.






I know all of the faux-con Never Trump tweeters are joking, but the fact is, she should be held accountable. It is essential that we hold the Left to the same standards they hold everyone else too and attempt to destroy their careers and reputations when they fail to live up to those standards. Sounds harsh, but that’s how they roll. If we can’t roll the same way, we get rolled over.

This delay of the Kavanaugh hearing is a perfect example of how dirty the Left is willing to play in order to regain power. A power that they will go to any lengths to ensure they never lose again.

If a member of The US Coast Guard can have his career put jeopardy for this… Playing by the Dems rules, she needs to be sent to Siberia and never heard from or seen again.

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Natalie D.

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