Pirro: Peter Strzok is the ‘Personification of the Deep State’ (VIDEO)

Peter Strzok can’t even be faithful and loyal to his own wife and family, but he wants us to believe he’s faithful and loyal to the other 330 million Americans!

On Saturday Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” in her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted FBI agent Peter Strzok, who last week testified before GOP lawmakers regarding his alleged bias against President Trump.

Watch the video below!

According to Breitbart:

Pirro said Strzok was both the “personification of the righteous left” and the “personification of the deep state.”

“Strzok seems to share cardinal Comey’s affectation about being a selfless servant of the people, even though he seems to simultaneously hold us all in contempt,” stated Pirro. “Strzok is also the personification of the deep state itself, where fascism rules, where people in power don’t care about what you think, but instead decide they know better — they know what’s right and they implement it.

His “moral outrage” claiming he would do nothing to damage the reputation of the FBI, other than cheating on his wife and banging his married co-worker… which is a violation of FBI and DoJ rules because it makes them both susceptible to being blackmailed.

The FBI should fire this arrogant, biased moron. Why is he still getting paid and why are we paying for his lawyers? Rosenstein and Mueller want to make sure he isn’t mad at them, paying him to keep him happy so he won’t spill the beans, and they have more control over what he says when he is using FBI attorneys.

We don’t need people like “Strzok” in the FBI. He needs to be fired now before he can do more damage to the FBI.

Strzok has connections with his whole family in all this. It’s why he is so arrogant and cocky. Nothing will happen to him.

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Alex Hall

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