Planned Parenthood President Wants People To Think About Abortion As ‘Any Other Aspect Of Medical Care’

It seems that killing babies is as simple as any other aspect of medical care!
A baby is not a disease or infection. A baby is a living entity that is sustained by its mother from the moment of conception.

The president of America’s largest abortion organization is not sharing the same opinion, she said that people should think about abortion as a necessity, much like insulin for diabetic persons.

“I want people to think about what if this were any other aspect of medical care. Imagine if the Trump administration prevented people with diabetes from talking to their doctors about insulin,” Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen said in an interview last week, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

“Whatever decisions are coming up have nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with politics,” she added.

Wen assumed her role as president on Nov. 12, 2018. She was previously the Baltimore city health commissioner and an emergency physician.

Wen previously claimed that Planned Parenthood’s work is “about saving people’s lives,” but switched her tune in early January. “What we will always be here to do is provide abortion access as part of the full spectrum of reproductive health care, it’s who we are,” she said.

Her comment comes after VA. Governor said he supports a bill that will allow killing newborn babies!

“Medical care” refers to the baby also. The baby is a life that Doctors take oaths to save and protect.

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Alex Hall

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