POLL: US Rep. Jim Jordan Is Officially Running For House Speaker, Will You Support Him?

Jim Jordan is famous for getting the truth. He knows exactly what to say in order to get people to give him what he wants. He fights for conservative values that others will not and was a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump during his run for office.

There’s not a political figure alive who has worked more than Jim Jordan that stands up to the Deep State and their intention to bring down President Trump!

USA Today broke the story that Jim Jordan will officially run for House speaker!

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan said he plans to run for House speaker, a move that will spark a contentious leadership battle in the House GOP conference just a few months before the November election.

“We’re running,” Jordan told USA TODAY on Thursday. “There’s a letter as we speak that’s being sent to our colleagues.”

Jordan is one of the most powerful conservatives in Congress; he co-founded the House Freedom Caucus, a faction of about 30 hardline Republicans who frequently clash with the House GOP leadership.

Jordan’s decision spotlights the the long-simmering rift between hard-charging conservatives and GOP moderates.
Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan was the first one to call for Sessions to step down if he can’t do what the American people want him to do and investigate Hillary Clinton and that for me is a man brave enough to lead the House!

Personally, I think he is the best option out there!

But you can give your vote in a poll below and share it so more people can give their vote!

POLL: US Rep. Jim Jordan To Run For House Speaker Do You Support Him?

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If our elected representatives and the people they employ are not held accountable for their crimes then there is no justice for any of us. Since President Trump was elected we’ve all be waiting to see some arrests the people who have misused the power they were entrusted with.

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