President Trump Wants All NFL Players To See THIS Photo! A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words!

The NFL players become a bunch of grown men making millions throwing around a pigskin, spitting in the face of the person who gives them the ability to make fortunes from doing nothing that contributes to society!

Everybody knows that Colin Kaepernick’s polarizing decision to protest the national anthem was a stupid thing to do! Honoring and respect the flag of our nation is also paying respect for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep of nation safe and free.

On Thursday, President Trump writes a tweet: “So beautiful… Show this picture to the NFL players who still kneel!” He wants All NFL kneelers to see THIS Photo! (Photo below!)

Via The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump wants NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to see a tweeted photo of a woman lying next to her husband’s grave in a military cemetery, he said Thursday.

Trump has made repeated calls since October for NFL players to stand during the national anthem. The kneeling protests were first propelled by former quarterback Colin Kaepernick who wanted to protest violence against black citizens by police officers.

Trump has suggested the NFL change its rules to ban kneeling and has encouraged team owners to fire kneeling players.

Our soldiers give it all for that flag, including their lives. If athletes can’t stand for the national anthem then they don’t deserve playing football and getting paid millions of dollars in this country.

NFL players protest is a national sick joke!! They picked the wrong forum and manner on this issue. The national anthem and flag are honored at sporting events for veterans that served and gave their life for our country. NFL players abuse women and yes there are some bad cops but Disrespecting Country, veterans, and a flag is a dishonor, not a protest!! The right to protest does not make it right!!

Bottom line is, that flag is the American flag. When you look at it, you should think long and hard about the freedoms you have and who fights and dies for your freedoms…. Respect our soldiers.

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Michelle M.

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