Pro-NRA Student Attacked For Defending NRA… But, He Had The Last Laugh

Note to high school protesters this weekend: It is the student that is the problem! It starts with each one of us and how we treat other people.
It’s not about gun control it is about SELF-control and respect for others!!!

Last week, a New York state high school senior was suspended for a day after he defended himself from an attack by an anti-gun student for having a viewpoint that wasn’t approved by the school administration.

Via Conservative Tribune: “Brian Breault the father of the attacked boy, said his son, Christian, attended an assembly at Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School, just west of Albany, after the school participated in the national anti-gun walkout that marked one month since the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

As part of the assembly, students were presented with CNN’s coverage of a Stoneman Douglas student giving a speech that castigated pro-Second Amendment arguments with the repeated refrain “we call BS.”

To call the inflammatory speech unfair to the National Rifle Association and gun rights supporters would be giving it too much credit. The student all but blamed the NRA and its supporters for the deaths of 14 students and three adults at the campus, as well as “hundreds of senseless tragedies.”

It was so extreme that the school district superintendent later apologized in writing for the presentation.”

I find it difficult to see how watching CNN would be a teachable moment unless you were going to compare and contrast it with what real Journalism should look like.

The attacked boy’s father wrote that his son told a school nurse about his objections to the video, and another student overheard.

“Another student not involved in the conversation threatened him for his view on the video going as far as telling the school nurse that he would punch Christian in the face if he didn’t stop defending the NRA,” Breault wrote in a Facebook post. “The nurse told the student he could not say that and no further action was taken.”

The same student attacked Breault’s son later in the day, Breault said.

“Christian defended himself, punching the kid in the jaw, causing him to fall to the floor,” he told PJ Media. “The kid got up and threw an object at Christian, which he deflected.”

The other student received a three-day suspension, while Christian Breault was suspended for one day.

In an interview with PJ Media, Christian Breault said he worried the disciplinary record could impact his future career in the Navy. But there’s a broader issue involved too.

“I personally feel my suspension shows the failure of our society and schools. My constitutional rights were violated by this student, and I defended my rights and myself from him,” he said.

His suspension, he said, “teaches our young that they cannot defend themselves without being punished.”

This is a sad truth that needs to be addressed. Schools believe that it takes two to “cause” a fight! WRONG! Usually one is the evil culprit who is the bully creating the confrontation and leading in an assault! It happens often that, an innocent student defends him or herself and suffers punishment from school officials.

The truth is, NO ONE should be punished for defending themselves. Any person has the right to defend themselves. Punishing someone for that is just wrong and the principal should be fired.

What do you think? Should Cristian be suspended for defending himself?

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Natalie D.

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