Project Veritas Unmasks Anti-Trump Operative Employed By the State Department Who Admits He “Resists” The Trump Administration While He’s At Work (VIDEO)

A shocking video released on Tuesday caught State Department employee and a member of “the Resistance” Stuart Karaffa advocating against the Trump administration. Karaffa was caught on hidden camera saying he carries out work for the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) while on the clock.

In the video posted from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, Stuart explains that he uses work hours, at the Department of State, to conduct activism for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA):

“… I’m careful about it. I don’t leave a paper trail, like I leave emails, and like any press s**t that comes up, I leave that until after 5:30. But as soon as 5:31 hits, got my like draft messages ready to send out.”

He adds: “You could put two and two together probably. With like web traffic…. So with web traffic, I mean I could make the case before a court of law that- I’m going to the Virginia sort of, campaign finance website- that I’m just interested in what people are doing politically. But if they also go and look at like DSA minutes and like Officer positions they’ll be like, ‘that’s weird, you were the co-chair of the electoral caucus, and you spent three hours on a Virginia campaign finance website.’”

He doesn’t believe that he will be caught and punished by the appropriate authorities, saying, “Maybe someday I’ll go to a board of elections jail, probably not.”

Asked if he’s afraid to go to jail over his actions, Karaffa says it’s not likely because “…somebody just rubber stamps [the form] and it goes forward… I don’t know if [the ethics officer is] all there. He’s so checked out…”

“I have nothing to lose,” Karaffa says, joking that “It’s impossible to fire federal employees.”

On the Trump administration:

“Resist everything… Every level. F**k sh*t up.”

Nice to see O’Keefe teaming up with Judicial Watch to do the real work our media and Congress refuse to do.

This kind of stuff is pretty much what I think a lot of us have assumed is going on, but finally there’s documented proof! And this is only the very tip of the iceberg of corruption in the State Dept.

Funny how he has been smart enough to cover his tracks, but stupid enough to be fooled by Project Veritas. At the end it’s their arrogance and sheer narcissism that trips them up every time.

Let’s see how the liberal progressive democrat fascists try to spin this.

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Natalie D.

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