Publix Stands Up To David Hogg… They Will Not Pay His Million Dollar Demand

Another day of nutjob leftists using a tragedy to line their pockets. David Hogg is definitely not the favorite person among Americans at this moment. The only thing he is trying is how to best strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights.

On Tuesday, David Hogg took to Twitter to announce his newest boycott: Publix, a Florida-based grocery chain.

Hogg’s reasoning behind the new boycott is based on Publix “supporting” an “NRA sellout” who is running for Florida governor, Adam Putnam. Hogg demanded Publix give $1 million to the Stoneman Douglas Victim’s fund to atone for donating a reported $670,000 in recent years to Adam Putnam, a pro-NRA Florida Republican running for governor. Hogg led a die-in inside Publix stores last Friday to protest Publix’s support for Putnam, who is currently Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner.

On Tuesday Hogg posted a request for a face to face meeting with Jones, prompting Guttenberg to point him to his own conversations with Jones. Hogg was also still demanding money from Publix.

“To Todd Jones, CEO of @Publix Thank you for hearing the voices of young ppl working to end gun violence. We have one request: A face-to-face meeting. We need business leadership to join the effort to end the carnage. Let’s lead by example together.”



He’s an extortionist! What a damn shame to see them milking the tragic deaths of the slain, degrading and dishonoring their memory in the eyes of many, all in order to push their radical agenda while in the meantime loving their 15 minutes of fame and being treated like “rock stars”. Why is it that they say or do nothing about the many failures of the lefty Sheriff Israel and his sidekick, the coward Scott Peterson who is alleged to have gotten the corrupt idiotic Sheriff Israel’s son off of a serious criminal charge?

Unfortunately, Fred Guttenberg whose daughter was murdered in Parkland Florida on February 14, 2018, supports his cause.
Guttenberg wrote:







I say Publix should take him to court for damages… after all, what right does this little creep have to pick on a private business, scare off customers and demand ransom? If businesses do not fight back this type of racket is going to get a lot worse.

What do you think?

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Natalie D.

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