Diseased Refugees Brought Into Airports at Midnight, Given SSN and Passport (Video)

Nationally syndicated talk-show host Josh Tolley posted a YouTube video where Josh interviews a woman from Missouri who explains how non-vetted refugees are flown in at midnight, given Social Security numbers and Passports.

The woman in the interview attended meetings last year sponsored by Missouri Social Services that are under the auspices of the UN Refugee Resettlement Organizationthe Office of Refugee Monitoring out of Washington D.C.

What this woman says in the video is disturbing. What the refugee resettlement organization is doing goes against everything we have been told by Democrat politicians and their mainstream media propaganda force.

Not only are refugees being flown into airports in the middle of the night to avoid the public attention, they are bringing them in with unknown names and highly contagious diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV, giardia, smallpox, and polio.

The woman says that the refugees are all largely “fighting age” adult malesvery few are women and children.

She also mentioned that refugees are brought in with the understanding they are going to be supported and are not happy when “finding them work” is mentioned.

See the entire disturbing video below:

Obama destroyed the immigration program. According to him and the Dems, US citizens have no right to decide on whether to take in refugees or not. The current immigrants have no desire to integrate into our society. Whatever happened to America The Melting Pot? The anti-American judges blocking the immigration ban need to resign.

We have become a country where foreigners say they have the right to come to our country whether we like it or not and we must pay to support them. They seem to think they are entitled to everything Americans worked so hard to achieve. Sorry, my ancestors supported themselves and worked very hard to get a better life.

Time to put a stop to the influx of these subversives before we become like Europe.

We must share this everywhere and get the word out! 

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