Revealed! Queen Elizabeth Poses With Donald And Melania Along With An Embarrassing Jewellery On Her Outfit!!

Every time I report another story about the royal family I become less and less impressed with their show of respect. If the Obama’s were their favorites, I am not surprised they act with such little respect.

That is what America got from the Obama’s was less and less respect. The Obama’s thought of themselves as royalty. They forgot they were serving the people of the United States, and took and took without giving back to the people.

The three royal family members reportedly made the decision to not meet with America’s Commander-in-Chief or First Lady Melania Trump, during their four-day visit to London this past week leaving Queen Elizabeth, to meet with him at Windsor Castle alone.

And while we all thought that at least the Queen was decent enough it seems we were all wrong!

Queen Elizabeth wore a brooch given to her by former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama on the day President Trump landed in the U.K., according to multiple reports.

The Obamas gave the vintage brooch to the Queen during a 2011 visit. The 14-karat yellow gold piece of jewelry is also known as the American State Visit brooch.

The nod to the former presidents has been seen by some as a subtle jab at Trump, who was greeted to his U.K. visit by hundreds of thousands of protesters.

There are also reports that Queen Elizabeth didn’t spend nearly as much time with the Trumps as she did with then President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama back in 2016. She had tea with Donald and Melania but had lunch with Barack and Michelle. Barack and Michelle also had a private dinner with Prince William and Kate at Kensington Palace.
And another stupid fact emerged in the British papers that RED-faced royal staff had to act fast when a dog bowl was spotted in the corner of the Queen’s photo with Donald and Melania Trump, it has emerged.

The “beloved” monarch posed for a snap on Friday in the grand corridor of Windsor Castle with the US President and the First Lady, The Sun reports.

Palace staff forgot to remove a dog bowl before an official photo was taken. Picture: AFP PHOTO / POOL / Steve ParsonsSource:AFP
The dog bowl was gone for a photo with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium on Saturday. Picture: Press AssociationSource:Press Association

The Obamas were given a status of semi-gods in Britain by the Royal family especially by Prince Harry who become a really good friend to our former President!

Whether intentional or not, the two royals also had other engagements during Donald’s visit. Prince William was taking part in a charity polo match while Prince Charles was attending a meeting for his company AG Carrick. Prince Harry, 33, was said to have had private engagements.

I’m sorely disappointed in the royal family. They wouldn’t like it much if the queen visited the USA and was given such disrespectful and disgraceful reception.
They better hope that Trump’s policies take hold or their countrymen might hand them their walking papers when their economy goes down the toilet!

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4 thoughts on “Revealed! Queen Elizabeth Poses With Donald And Melania Along With An Embarrassing Jewellery On Her Outfit!!

  • July 18, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    It was nice to my exact quote from an earlier response post on this subject. I don’t mind your using it in subsequent discussion… but you should have noted that I said it… Word for word.!

  • July 18, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    I find some faults with this! Big deal with a dog bowl? The piece of jewelry gold, looks like silver to me, maybe aa few diamonds thrown in. Wonder how much that cost us? You talked more about the “Traitor” here than our now great President. In fact the entire article is for the “Muslim” instead of the Christian! You had nothing but good words to say about the traitor, but I will share it anyway. I am curious to see if anyone else picks up on it.

    • July 19, 2018 at 3:12 am

      I Agree with You .

  • July 18, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    Well, we had a revolution so who cares what that old bat does & yes, thank God Diana put her in her place. Also, there was a little something called WWII & oh yeah WWI where we SAVED THEIR BLOODY ASSES twice. Maybe Joe Kennedy was correct in his 1938 assessment of the English. (Check your history books.).


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