Sanctuary City, San Francisco, Covered In Human Feces as 16,000 Reports of Human Crap Pile Up (Video)

Politicians in California value the lives of illegal immigrants, drug dealers, criminals and gang members above those of hard-working taxpayers. No wonder the middle class is leaving the state in droves. Sadly, California is choking on its own insanity.

Latest reports that come from the Sanctuary City of San Francisco are not good for its citizens!
The streets of San Francisco are covered in feces.

News Wars reports that more than 16,000 complaints have rolled in to the City of San Fransisco involving “feces” within the past five years. Almost 200 of those complaints have been logged within the last week.

News Wars writes that a webpage and coinciding app which lets residents ask the city for help with non-emergency services and maintenance took in over 16,000 complaints involving the word “feces” since August of 2013.

Numerous complaints indicate that the feces in the streets came from “vagrants” and homeless camp sites. This is something that is extremely common in California today.

The Fresno Bee wrote hat there were roughly 20 pounds of trash bags stuffed with human feces strewn about the sidewalk in downtown San Fransisco this past weekend. This is the most recent (and probably most disgusting) clue that one of the most popular cities in all of the United States is a cesspool. It was stated that the bags of human feces were spotted in the city’s Tenderloin district.

The Bee writes, “The photo was first posted on San Francisco’s Citizen app for identifying crimes then onto, where the photo eventually went viral.”

We have not included the photo in this article, but feel free to look it up if you have a strong stomach.

The New York Post reported regarding the bags of feces:

A spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Public Works said the gigantic bag of poop was removed later in the day. A DNA sample to determine whether it was human or animal feces was not taken, she said.

“I don’t know the source,” spokeswoman Rachel Gordon told the newspaper. “It could be people. It could be dogs. It could have been picked up from the street. It could have been from someone’s house. I’m glad it was in one place and in a bag.”

The plastic-wrapped poop was the latest in a string of crappy complaints, which have spiked over the past decade.

Human waste-related complaints in San Francisco have skyrocketed 400 percent from 2008 to 2018, according to data from the city’s 311 system. In 2017 alone, more than 21,000 reports were received, due in part to the thousands of homeless people living throughout the city without regular access to restrooms, the Chronicle reported.

Video below:

The power elites in California are not just thumbing their nose at Trump, they are doing it to the people who are living in California who are already burdened by a high cost of living. They are intentionally squeezing out the middle class.

It’s amazing that their state government would put the needs of illegals before the welfare of their legal citizens.

I know there are some good people in California! Make your case and vote them out. It’s not that hard.

Come on take your state back!!!

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