Sarah Sanders Has The Perfect Response For Bill Clinton’s Former Press Secretary After He Tried To Lecture Her

Bill Clinton’s former press secretary Mike McCurry is just another example that most liberals act on emotion rather than rational thought; often exhibit rude adolescent behavior well into adulthood and seem to always be very unhappy and discontent. How difficult it must be to go through life with such negative attributes. Hatred runs deep in the empty soul of almost every liberal.

On Friday, Politico revealed that Sanders was lectured at by Bill Clinton’s former press secretary at a private event. But, her response shows that she is no easy person to mess her.

According to a Politico, Mike McCurry, former press secretary for Bill Clinton, was “letting her have it” at a private event in February. She reportedly said, “You have got to have an administration that’s committed to respecting the role of the free press.”

“You cannot have a president who declares them to be the enemy and goes out and describes them as fake news every day,” he said.
However, Sanders refused to get political and shot back: “I’m used to not always being the most popular person in the room.”

“You cannot do this job in an environment in which you are belligerent and saying you’re at war with these people every day,” McCurry told her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever said anything similar to that,” Sanders replied.

McCurry kept going: Her boss’ war on the media was threatening the glue that holds our democracy together.

Politico also reports that Sanders eventually got sick of the lecture.

“Finally, Sanders had had enough. ‘We have not declared war on the press,’ she said. She smiled at the apparent ridiculousness of the idea, and even let out a chuckle.”

So the press can behave as the enemy but you can’t call them the enemy according to this McCurry. Criticizing the press isn’t the same thing as trying to thwart freedom of the press. Liberals love to conflate things that don’t really go together. It feeds their bumper sticker level thinking base.

Keep fighting the fight, Sarah! If the MSM would stop spreading lies and trying to discredit Trump at every single turn, Sanders/Trump wouldn’t be hitting back! Trump didn’t start the war with the media, the media did and I applaud him and Sarah for standing up for themselves and not taking any c***.

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Natalie D.

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