Schumer Insults President Trump: “Whenever He Gets Involved, He Seems To Mess It Up”

Speaking at a press conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., insulted President Trump by labeling him as the “fly in the ointment” in ongoing discussions to keep the government open and warned him against getting involved in spending talks ahead of the Sept. 30th deadline.

“The fly in the ointment here, of course, is the president, who keeps brandishing his sword and threatening,” Schumer said of Trump’s role in spending talks as he reiterates calls for his immigration to be included in the must-pass bill.

Schumer added: “Whenever he gets involved, he seems to mess it up. I think the true desire of the majority leader and the speaker is that we go forward and they don’t mess it up, but they’re going to have to show some strength and tell Donald Trump if you want to get the government working and not in total gridlock, he’s got to leave it to the Congress to work its will without him interfering.”

Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer also argued that Trump and Republicans would receive the lion’s share of the blame politically.

“Usually the person that loses the shutdown is the person who caused it, and Donald Trump is making no bones about it that he might think of causing it,” Schumer said.

“The American people want us to govern,” Schumer continued. “Not just to fight and yell at each other all day long.”

This week, President Trump doubled-down on his signature campaign promise telling Democrats he has “no problem” shutting down the federal government should they fail to fully fund his border wall.

Speaking alongside Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday, the President confirmed his administration was prepared for an all-out war with Congressional Democrats surrounding immigration along the US-Mexico border.

Translation, Trump doesn’t cave to our demands!! First things first. We HAVE to protect our country.

The anti-Trump trolls are out in force today. They think they are saying something important… but in reality, they are comedy relief. It’s always entertaining to have stupid people to laugh at. What they say doesn’t matter. Trump will still be our president. I’m going to love the next few years of their meltdowns. I can’t wait until the new batch of crying liberal videos come out after the 2018 and 2020 elections.

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Natalie D.

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