Sean Hannity Erupts… Destroys Liberal Guest Who Was Defending Hillary On Live TV… (VIDEO)

Most corrupt administration in the history of the modern presidency goes to Obama. However, Democrats will NEVER admit to doing anything illegal! They will always defend Hillary Clinton and forget about all her lies and corruption.

Luckily, Sean Hannity is always here to clear things up! Hannity erupted on Fox News on Thursday night after a guest was defending Hillary Clinton. The argument stemmed from the newly launched investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Via IJR: “Tomi Lahren started with a fiery statement in which she asked the guest Jessica Tarlov when we were going to “hear from Hillary in all of this,” because “she seems to like to talk quite a bit” about Trump but has been silent since the investigation was announced.

Tarlov fired back, saying that nothing would “come out about Hillary” and that “these are reopening investigations that have been settled.” Then she backed up those claims by saying that Jeff Sessions is just “scared of Donald Trump,” and that’s the only reason he opened the investigations.

She said Sessions did so because Trump goes on Twitter and says “lock her up again” and “my DOJ is supposed to be doing this.”

Lahren then asked Tarlov: “Do you think that it’s important that we investigate this?”
Tarlov responded, saying: “It has been investigated!”

Tarlov tried to defend Hillary and said: “Everyone knows the server was a mistake. Hillary Clinton knows the server was a mistake.”

…So SICK of the hypocrisy, lying, and outright criminal collusion from the mainstream media and the left! Do they think that everybody is swallowing their one-sided BS, and we don’t know what is actually going on? She was investigated by the crooked Attorney General and the crooked FBI who took their orders from Obama. I guess we should consider that justice according to the Democrats way of thinking…

But, this is when things really got intense, as Hannity jumped in and reply to Tarlov:
“It wasn’t a mistake — it was a felony! No. Mishandling of classified information, destroying classified information — is a felony! And when you bleach-bit it and you acid wash it and you bust up the hammers and you delete it, that’s called obstruction!”

Video below:

Sure it was “investigated”. From what has come out recently, the so-called investigation was tainted with the outcome decided in advance. Need an open, unbiased look into it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the original agents who investigated get charged with crimes.

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Natalie D.

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