SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Leader Sharifa Alkhateeb Talks About Using Public Schools to Convert America to Islam

The attached clip was filmed at the Muslim Americans Political Awareness Conference in 1989. Sharifa Alkhateeb, an advocate for Muslim culture in the United States, helped place courses in Middle Eastern cultures and Arabic in public school.

In Alkhateeb, she founded the North American Council for Muslim Women, an education and advocacy group, and was president of the Muslim Education Council, which instructed public-school teachers on Middle Eastern cultures, Islam and Muslim society.

Ironically, she founded the the Peaceful Families Project. Abu Orwell.

When we warned of this, more specifically in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, we were smeared, defamed, libeled and mocked as conspiracy theorists. Look at your children’s public school syllabus and textbooks. It’s happening. This video was made decades ago. For those who ask, how did we get here? Watch and learn.


Education is one of the most important areas Muslims have to address.
Our final objective is create our Islamic systems not just for Muslims for all other Americans.
Look at them (non-Muslim Americans) as potential Muslims – we have an obligation to convert them
Making America Muslim – all Americans Muslim
We must have short range goals
We must be calculated about it
Education is political – extremely political
“We’re not American, we’re Muslim”
I brought my children up to think of themselves first, last and always as Muslims
“I am not American, I am Muslim”
We are in the process of developing Islamic education for our children, public schools and school systems that span the country
We want non-Muslims to be signing up for them
Education is just one part of our agenda
We must be involved at every level, the local level, county state, national, international level. How? As a distinct Islamic entity.
We see ourselves worshipping Allah at the same time we cannot accept the definitions that non-Muslims use. They want us to become part of pluralistic society. That’s the catchword for secular humanism.

We will not be part of the great American melting pot. We do not want to melt into America. We want to go into American society with Islamic ideals and revamp their thinking. We want to turn them into Muslims.

Go to the schools’ board meetings, find out what they’re doing with your kids in the public schools Find out what they are talking about, what their ideas are. You can become an office assistant, you can become a reading assistant, you can become a library assistant, and give/buy Islamic books or get them from organizations and give them to your local school library.

You should try, we should all be involved in developing Arabic language courses in public schools because one way of introducing non-Muslims to Islam is to have come and learned Arabic language courses. Don’t forget Classical Arabic is the Quranic Arabic so when we say Arabic course we are talking about classical Arabic and our real agenda is Quranic Arabic and that’s a good way to introduce Islam to non-Muslims.

Get on the book review committees. There are book review committees on every type of subject for every type of subject, the social studies book, for the literature books, Muslim need to join those book review committee and se what they are writing and have an input into how the curriculum will be. The book companies do listen to these book review committees. And they have to adjust because if they don’t, they won’t be bought for that school system.

Sharifa Alkhateeb Talks About Using Public Schools to Convert America to Islam

The late managing editor of the International Institute for Islamic Thought’s American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, Sharifa Alkhateeb, talks about using U.S. schools to proselytize Islam & about making the state Islamic.

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