Man Whose Sister Was Killed At Parkland Not Allowed To Speak At March For Our Lives, You Can Hear His Message Here (Video)

There is no doubt what the real agenda behind the March for Our Lives was. It was basically one huge DNC voter registration drive. The left USING these kids for their political agenda and making sure they all register to vote as Dems at these rallies. That’s their reason behind this.

Building up their base of ignorant people that will follow anything that they think is a means to an end.

Eighteen-year-old Meadow Pollack was tragically murdered on February 14 at Stoneman Douglas High School along with 16 others by crazed gunman authorities were repeatedly warned about.

Her father, Andrew Pollack, along with the rest of her family, is working to honor Meadow’s life by promoting improved school-safety measures, potentially saving others from her tragic fate.

Andrew’s son and Meadow’s brother, Hunter, 29, say they asked to speak at Saturday’s massive anti-gun March for Our Lives protest in Washington, D.C. But Hunter’s voice was silenced, he says, because his views do not match the Left’s agenda, which was echoed at the march.

“We got denied to speak at the march, so I’m not going to the march, I’m going to a lacrosse game,” claimed Meadow’s father. “I guess he’s got a different agenda than their agenda so they denied him.”

“I was going to give a speech about Meadow and how devastated I am and how we need to make change, but they won’t allow me to put my voice out,” explained Hunter.

“I feel that they don’t really care about the victims’ families. If they did, they would have let me spoken,” he said on Saturday. “I don’t know what this is about, but it’s definitely not about the victims.”

“What pains me most is that her beautiful life was NOT lost to an incurable disease or a freak accident. She is gone because our schools are not safe. She is dead because the madness of one young man, and his determination to kill — was greater than our desire to stop him,” said Hunter.

“Remembering Meadow and the Parkland 17 is something we must all vow to here today. We must promise to take action each and every day until we protect the students of this country. We must protect our students and our schools in the same way we do the patrons at an NFL football stadium, and the passengers at an airport, and the diamonds in a jewelry store. We, the children of America, are the most valuable assets this nation has. Therefore, we hereby put all the leaders and parents of this country on notice. Today, we want you to put a value on our lives — and to protect us above all and everything else,” he continued.

Democrats are using this to register voters. These kids and the gun agenda are ripe for picking new Democrat voters. Too bad these kids can’t see how they are being played.

But, this is proof that you gotta get out and vote in November. No matter what happens to the wall, DACA, or the spending bill, you have to keep the Democrats in the minority. Just imagine how a Democratic government majority would have handled this situation since Parkland…

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