Sources Say: Andrew McCabe Authorized Criminal Probe Of Sessions

Corruption, corruption, corruption… It’s been proven these months that our FBI is another political party with TONS OF POWER. That’s why it is no longer to be trusted and certainly not respected.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on Friday, two days ahead of the top FBI official’s scheduled retirement.

Before he was fired McCabe oversaw a federal criminal investigation into whether Sessions lacked candor when testifying before Congress about contacts with Russian operatives, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.

One source told ABC News that Sessions was not aware of the investigation when he decided to fire McCabe last Friday less than 48 hours before McCabe, a former FBI deputy director, was due to retire from government and obtain a full pension, but an attorney representing Sessions declined to confirm that.

For more than a year, Trump and other Republicans have questioned whether McCabe harbored a political bias when making law enforcement decisions as deputy director. McCabe’s critics point to his ties to Democrats, particularly his wife’s failed Democratic run for state senate in Virginia nearly three years ago.

But in an interview with ABC News, McCabe insisted politics was “absolutely not” a factor in any of the decisions he made, noting he has considered himself a Republican all his life.

What is so strange that the MSM failed to recognize the fact that leaking Intel, obstructing an investigation, lied under oath, falsification of info to obtain FISA warrant, implementing insurance policy against President Trump, all of this is a huge crime and McCabe deserve a lot more!

The fact is, there’s more to all of this than any of us can even imagine. If things aren’t hidden and swept under the rug than many Obama appointees, Clinton people, FBI and CIA will be in line for prosecution. I keep my fingers crossed that they’ll all pay the piper in due time!

Alex Hall

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