Student Who Recorded Teacher’s Anti-Military Rant Just Got A Huge Surprise From The White House

The 17-year-old El Rancho High School student Victor Quinonez who recorded teacher Gregory Salcido’s anti-military rant received a special invitation to visit the White House and Pentagon.

The family of Victor Quinonez has been invited to the White House by John Kelly, the chief of staff.

Quinonez secretly recorded El Rancho High School teacher and Pico Rivera councilman Gregory Salcido making disparaging comments about U.S. armed forces. Quinonez wore a Marines sweatshirt to school, which prompted Salcido to call service members “the lowest of our low” and “dumb s**ts” in addition to likening military recruiters to pimps.

The video went viral, and members of the community, many of them veterans, immediately demanded that Salcido, who is also on the Pico Rivera City Council, be fired. He has been placed on leave.

Quinonez’s father served in the Marine Corps, and he hopes to follow in his footsteps. His recording caused others to come forward about their experiences with Salcido, and it gained the attention of White House chief of staff John Kelly.

Victor Quinonez said he was left speechless after finding out White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called his father to personally invite Victor and his family to the White House and the Pentagon. His mom, Karen Rodriguez, recently announced on a fundraising website that Kelly invited Quinonez and his family to visit the White House and the Pentagon.

Rodriguez said that donations would help finance the California family’s trip to Washington, D.C., which would be an “incredible life experience” for her son.

“Victor and our entire family thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” she wrote. “Your support has been overwhelming and simply amazing!! God Bless America!”

This kind of news story makes me truly happy. This brave young man undoubtedly stood up for his country and the military. He is a true patriot for his country. Good to know that there still some parents should teach your children respect and love of their country.

Congratulations to Victor Quinonez and his family. Have a wonderful and safe trip to the White House and Pentagon. MAGA!

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Natalie D.

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