The Supreme Court Gives Trump a Huge Christmas Present…Americans Will Love This!

It is obvious that Muslims didn’t come here to join the America Dream of Freedom!! So, how could and why would someone who calls themselves an American, who says that they love this country, care more about illegals, then the people who have made this country, worked hard for this country. Why are illegals more important than us??

In reality, the Americans have been neglected for way too long while all DACA Recipients have committed crimes against them. But, Americans have dreams as well. We dream of getting our country back.

Luckily, the ultra-Liberal, California-based, 9th Circuit Appeals Court slapped down by SCOTUS again.

Via The Daily Caller: “The Supreme Court Wednesday lifted an order requiring the Trump administration to release internal documents relating to the rescission of DACA, an Obama-era amnesty initiative that extended temporary legal status to foreign nationals who illegally entered the country as children.

The order requires a federal court in California to reconsider the administration’s two principal arguments in a lawsuit currently seeking access to the government’s internal deliberations on DACA cancellation. The Justice Department claims the administration need not release internal documents concerning DACA’s cancellation because such decisions cannot be reviewed by the courts, and because federal law deprives trial courts of jurisdiction to hear challenges relating to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

“The discovery order in the DACA cases was dramatically intrusive and premature, and I am pleased with tonight’s decision that the district court’s order was ‘overly broad,’” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement shortly after the ruling. ‘Make no mistake, this was a crucially important ruling, and the fact it was granted by a unanimous Supreme Court cannot be overstated.'”

We the people don’t want DACA!!! We’re the ones who pay for it but that doesn’t seem to be a consideration!!! DACA was and is illegal. DACA is a violation of the United States of America laws.

So, this is NOT about feelings. It’s about following our laws. Obama made this mess and he should have to pay for all of it. No amnesty for DACA. The Republicans must pass Trump’s 70-point immigration reform plan because the American people want you to work for them, not illegal foreigners.

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Natalie D.

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