Surveillance Camera Caught A Vicious Assault On A Convenience Store Clerk (VIDEO)

One convenience store clerk in San Bernardino, California got serious injuries after a man attacked him in the head. It was reported that the attacker was a customer who demanded the clerk give him free gasoline. The violent attack happened on Tuesday.

When he did not get his wish, he knocked over a case of champagne and wine and violently confronted the clerk. According to the video, the suspect hit the clerk’s face multiple times and later he knocked the victim to the ground.

Via Breitbart: “Later in the video, the suspect took a champagne bottle and smashed it over the clerk’s head. As the clerk tried to defend himself with the baseball bat, the attacker snatched the bat out of the victim’s hands and bludgeoned him over the head with it.

The clerk then ran out of the store in an attempt to flee his attacker, but the suspect caught up with him in the parking lot and continued to assault his victim.

The suspect then walked to a white sedan waiting in the parking lot, and others appeared to be waiting inside the vehicle.

The victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated for severe head injuries, although he is expected to make a full recovery.

The San Bernardino Police say the suspect is still at large and urge anyone with information on the suspect to call them.”

See the surveillance video below:

Now the far left should demand baseball bat control and champagne bottle control.

Right there is why you need a gun. Only a gun in the victim’s hand at work and carrying home would have prevented this. Oh, California the biggest constitutional rights violations.

This is proof that criminals use whatever weapon is available. We must protect the 2nd Amendment…NOT Criminals.

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Natalie D.

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