Susan Rice’s 2014 Tweet On Chemical Weapons Exposes The Lying Democrats

Susan Rice’s tweet from 2014 about how they removed the ‘last 8%’ of the ‘declared’ chem weapons in Syria reveals the true colors of the lying Democrats.

Rice tweeted: “Important achievement: removal of last 8 percent of declared chem weapons precursors from Syria.”

Last 8% of declared? I guess they forgot about the undeclared.

And, I guess that by “removed” they meant “stored for later use.”
People immediately attacked Rice for her hypocrisy.








Nice try Rice, but a huge failure. Do you ever look in the mirror and admit to yourself that your entire term constituted political malpractice?

Someone did not verify this claim of achievement. Considering that every time she lies, innocent people die… However, if Obama has had enough courage to do what President Trump did, this would not have happened.


Thanks for leaving a steaming pile of crap in Syria for President Trump to clean up.


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Natalie D.

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