Kindergarten Teachers Force Their Students to Participate in Anti-Gun Walk Out – Parents Are Shocked (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, students around the nation ‘walked out’ of their classrooms in an effort to focus the nation’s attention on school safety. They railed against the National Rifle Association and the politicians who support it and carried signs with messages like “Never again” and “Am I next?”

They issued specific demands for lawmakers, including mandatory background checks for all gun sales and a ban on assault weapons like the one used in the Florida bloodbath.

But, the protest was far from voluntarily. Unfortunately, the brainwashing of our children continues, as it was reported that group of kindergarteners at Harbor Elementary School were led by their teachers in what they called it a “safety march.” The children being escorted in lines by teachers who were carrying signs that said “enough.”

Also, many of the children’s parents did not knew about the “safety march” and found out through social media, or after their children participated in the walk-out.

A crossing guard for the school, Joyce Powers said: “I thought it was pushing it with that age group. I don’t think they understood what was actually happening.”

Via IJR Red: “One parent, who chaperoned the event on school grounds, explained:

“It was discussed, it was a safety march and we took them out and they chanted ‘we love school’ and ‘honk your horn.’ And we told them that the 17 angels are above in heaven, they’re watching down and they’re proud.”

Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen Tracy explained that he had no problem with the “safety message,” but both he and the principal of the school were not aware of the nation-wide protest for gun control that day and there were no written permissions received from parents of the kids involved.

Tracy said:

“When you’re going to do something like that, in connection with something that — let’s face it, is controversial — that you need to seek the approval of the principal and the parents before you involve 5-year-olds in something like that.”

Jason Catala, a member of the Board of Education and chair of the board’s Policy Committee, explained that several policies were ignored and the principal has been called on to resign.”

Kindergartens should never be used as pawns for these teachers’ political opinions!!! All of their marchings, protesting, and such should be done after those children go home to their families! It is not a teacher’s place and job requirement to propagandize children! They must stick to the academics and leave politics and religion to outside the school environment!

Nothing but cowards would use children to push their social, political, and religious agenda!!!

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Natalie D.

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