Texas Democrat Made a Disrespectful Act Towards Melania in The Viral Photo From Barbara Bush’s Funeral

We already know that the Democrats are such mean and unhappy people they only have hate in their hearts and act like two-year-olds whenever they disagree with something!.

Texas Democrat group made a disgusting act and cropped First Lady Melania out of the viral photo featuring the four former presidents and first ladies at Barbara Bush’s funeral.

The Democratic Party official has apologized after he took Melania Trump off the photo.

Via Daily Mail: Leo Flores, the vice chair, told KCBD-TV that ‘it was an honest mistake.’

He said he grabbed the photo from his Facebook feed and didn’t notice the omission.

Flores said he became preoccupied with another matter and forgot about the mistaken photo altogether.

While the photo that was posted didn’t have a caption, a new caption was added which read: ‘I apologize for posting an incomplete picture.

‘I didn’t realize anyone was missing until it was pointed out.’
Despite the apology, some Facebook users were not convinced this was an innocent mistake.

‘Childish crop job,’ wrote one commenter.

‘We all know you did this on purpose,’ another Facebook user wrote. Extremely pathetic.”

The Democrats at their best I guess. Remove statues, alter history…

That is truly pathetic, to bring politics to a funeral, regardless of party. To cut the First Lady out of the picture is so childish.

Just because Democrats don’t like Trump, doesn’t mean you have to crop his wife, the First Lady, out of the picture. She is beautiful and she went to represent the First family at Barbara Bush’s funeral. She had the decency to attend and show respect. What an awful snub, what awful mean people to do this!!

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Natalie D.

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