The Fourth Largest Bank In The U.S. Announces Gun Control Requirements for Clients and Small Businesses

As most of us know the more guns we have the less crime we also have. Gun control is for the law abiding. Criminals get what they want since to them the law means nothing.

Citi group, the fourth-largest bank in the United States, has announced it will no longer do business with clients that do not meet a host of progressive gun control requirements, none of which are mandated by federal law.

In a blog post, Citi group announced:

Under this new policy, we will require new retail sector clients or partners to adhere to these best practices: (1) they don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check, (2) they restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age, and (3) they don’t sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines. This policy will apply across the firm, including to small business, commercial and institutional clients, as well as credit card partners, whether co-brand or private label. It doesn’t impact the ability of consumers to use their Citi cards at merchants of their choice.

Citi promised to “respect the decision” of clients that chose not to follow their guidelines, and “work with them to transition their business away from Citi.”

It’s time for the NRA to advise the recipients of its newsletters that Citigroup has declared war on gun owners. Some people on the mailing list will presumably re-direct their business elsewhere.

Big corporations have been making the laws for years. All those big corporate donations that pour onto democrat and RINO campaigns while Trump had to get his from the people and himself. It wasn’t just Qatar and other foreign nations buying Hillary, it was the corporations.
Why on earth the leftist voter loves and adores corporate totalitarianism I don’t know. They don’t even think Silicon Valley is corporate or wants to take advantage of cheap labor from overseas and create more poverty in the US.

Alex Hall

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