The New Liberal President Of Mexico Wants To Create Border Force To Stop Illegal Immigrants, Drugs From Central America

One of President-elect Donald Trump’s most oft-repeated promises on the campaign trail was that he would make our country great again and he will deport millions of illegal immigrants who were living in the United States. Now, that Donald Trump is the President, it’s clear that he is wasting no time to put that plan into action.

Since Trump signed the travel ban, the liberal media strictly criticized Trump’s decision. Illegal immigrants were described by them as innocent people who never cause violence in the United States.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the leftist former mayor of Mexico City, won Mexico’s presidential election by a large margin on Sunday, upsetting the nation’s political establishment. His party, Morena, did not exist during the last presidential election, and he defeated two other candidates from parties that have ruled Mexico for the past century.

Liberals rushed to present this new President as the savior of Mexico while attacking President Trump!

But they forget one thing even the Mexican President wants to build a wall on the southern border!

Alfonso Durazo, Lopez Obrador’s future chief of public security, said in an interview on Sunday that law enforcement force will be large and will be part of an overall effort to transform the region out of a perpetual state of violence and poverty. Bloomberg reports:

Lopez Obrador and the left-wing party he formed in 2014 won a landslide victory in last week’s election after voters disgusted with rising crime, corruption and poverty kicked the nation’s established parties out of power. AMLO, as he’s known, also got a boost from pledges to protect Mexicans against an immigrant crackdown by U.S. President Donald Trump. Now he’ll be faced with the unenviable task of securing the nation’s own untamed southern border while avoiding the hard-line tactics he has criticized Trump for.

“We’re going to create a border police force that will be highly specialized,” Durazo told Bloomberg. “They need to apply the law.”

Bloomberg notes that Durazo’s comments were specifically in reference to “stopping undocumented migrants and human traffickers from crossing into Mexico.”

This is why you can’t let these people appeal to your sympathy. They are hypocrites and are just trying to manipulate you. Why should we let them hold us to a standard that they do not hold themselves to?

The relationship between U.S. President Donald Trump and Mexico’s new President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador appears to have struck a more restrained tone, at least for now, following Lopez Obrador’s landslide election victory.

Along with a congratulatory call on Monday between the two leaders, the U.S. State Department announced that Secretary Mike Pompeo will travel to Mexico City on July 13 to meet with outgoing President Enrique Peña Nieto and Lopez Obrador.

“I think the relationship will be a very good one,” Trump told reporters following the phone call with Mexico’s newly elected leader. “We’ll see what happens.”

But, given Trump’s propensity to criticize Mexico on a number of issues, from trade to immigration, it is unknown whether the goodwill is sustainable.
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