Trump declared he’s running again! Here Are The Treacherous Republicans That Aren’t Ready To Back Him

President Donald Trump is essentially confirming his bid for reelection by tapping a veteran of 2016 as his campaign manager to oversee the effort.

The president who stunned the world with his 2016 victory is back for more!

After his initial success, President Trump continues to gain popularity among true American patriots and he is a favorite to win the hot seat again in 2020.

President Trump has tapped Brad Parscale — the towering, bearded political consultant described as a “genius” by The Washington Post — as the man to lead his 2020 re-election bid as campaign manager.

In interviews with a cross-section of more than two dozen GOP lawmakers, ranging from rank-and-file members, conservatives and party leaders, many refused to say they’d back Trump’s re-election bid.

I don’t know what the world is going to look like,” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, when asked if he’d endorse Trump for re-election. “But let’s say it’s not something I’ve given any thought to.”
Asked several days later if he had given thought to it, Cornyn demurred.

“I haven’t even thought about that election,” said Cornyn, No. 2 in the Senate GOP conference. “I’m worried about the midterm election.”
He’s not alone. Many lawmakers sought to avoid the topic altogether.

“Look, I’m focused on opioids,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander, the veteran Republican from Tennessee, referring to efforts in Congress to deal with the drug epidemic. “And I was just reelected myself three years ago. So, I’m focused on that.”

The conservative South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford, when asked about backing Trump’s re-election bid, said: “I’m worried about my own race right now.”
And the moderate Adam Kinzinger of Illinois had a similar refrain.
“That’s 2020 — pretty far away,” he said when asked if he’d back Trump for re-election.

Arizona Sen Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic who is retiring at year’s end, won’t rule out a potential primary challenge against the President. And he contended that Trump’s staunch support within the party could weaken by the 2020 primary season.

“I wouldn’t gauge what support there is a year-and-a-half from now from what support there is now,” – said Flake

So, what do you think can President Trump win in 2020?

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