Trump Economy Is BOOMING! New York Fed Nowcast Hits 4.0% GDP Growth

It always takes a Republican to fix all of the democrat messes. President Donald J. Trump making America Great Again as promised.

While Obama just shrugged his shoulders and made excuses, Trump is showing what he is doing and he is winning big time. In the final weeks of the Trump’s first year in office, the economy is booming! Trump has doubled the GDP Growth in less than a year! It looks like 2018 is going to be a very profitable year.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Nowcast reported that the GDP appears to be growing at a 4% annualized rate in the fourth quarter based on the latest releases of data. That is the highest level on record for the Nowcast, which was launched just two years ago.

Via Breitbart: “The Nowcast was revised up primarily due to positive impacts of revisions of earlier data, the New York Fed’s website said Friday.

A similar tool from the Atlanta Fed was also revised up earlier this week to 3.3 percent. The Atlanta Fed measure has a track record of being considerably more pessimistic about growth than the New York Fed’s Nowcast.

If the Nowcast turns out to be on track, the fourth quarter will see the economy grow far more than most major forecasts had expected. A survey of economists completed at the end of the third quarter saw economic growth coming in at just 2.5 percent.”

You hear that?? Exactly, the sound of crickets chirping from where the mainstream media should be reporting but they refuse to report any of the positives!!!

Obama the only US President in history to never hit 3% GDP growth and he had 8 years to do this. Now he is trying to say this economic growth is because of him. Isn’t it weird how Obama spent eight years blaming his failure on Bush and now he’s spending his retirement taking credit for Trump’s success? What a loser.

Only 12 months ago, the Dems insisted that 2% was a gift and 3% was NOT possible! Were they just wrong and stupid or was that their definition of “Transforming America”?

President Trump is just getting warmed up!!!! On our way to 5.0 GDP. Keep up the good work Mr. President.

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Natalie D.

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