Trump Just Deported A Man That Congress Begged Him Not To! Do You Support This?

Since Trump signed the travel ban, the liberal media strictly criticized Trump’s decision. Illegal immigrants were described by them as innocent people who never cause violence in the United States.

And they continue to talk about them the same way and even attack our President!

The liberal media launched an attack on President Trump after Immigrations and Customs Enforcement deported Amer Othman Adi, a 57-year-old Palestinian businessman.

Adi’s lawyer David Leopold called the detention days after calling off Adi’s self-arranged departure from the country “cruel”.

“This is not about policy. This is not about objectives. This is about cruelty and this is about the dehumanisation and frankly the public humiliation of a pillar of the community,” Leopold told Al Jazeera.

A U.S. House subcommittee last week voted to request an investigative report on the Youngstown businessman’s case by the Department of Homeland Security. Youngstown-area Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan had said similar votes under past administrations would delay deportation proceedings for months while cases are reviewed.

Bur President Trump is not Obama!

ICE responded and revealed the truth about this famous case!

ICE’s statement says it considered the request for the investigative report and conducted a “comprehensive” review of Othman’s case before making its decision. The agency maintains that multiple levels of the nation’s courts have said Othman doesn’t have a legal basis to remain in the U.S.

The agency said it doesn’t confirm specific removal arrangements prior to removal, “due to operational security concerns.”

Also, Amer’s green card was revoked due to “marriage fraud” after authorities pressured his ex-wife into stating that their union was illegitimate.

Illegally entering the USA is against the law. Period. Sorry, but we can’t side when people break the law, no matter where you come from. Illegal is illegal. It’s time we start enforcing the laws that have been passed already. If we do there will be little need for new laws.

What do you think?

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Alex Hall

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