Trump’s Lawyers Will Set Up An Interview With Mueller — On These Terms

The fact is Mueller has always been a political animal and didn’t care how he came on top. He is a dishonorable man with no integrity and certainly has no limits to his capacity of corruption.

But unlike him, President Trump is the opposite of him he is an honorable person and he proved that when he said that he will not interfere with the investigation by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller or try to fire the former FBI director.

He did that because he has nothing to fear from but this whole saga have to end once and for all!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump’s lawyers, led by John Dowd, would make Trump available to Mueller if he agrees to end the Trump-related portions of his investigation by a certain date. A 60-day deadline has been suggested in this connection.

The legal team would also like the special counsel to limit the scope of his questions to matters relating to the dismissals of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and former FBI Director James Comey. Flynn has since pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators and is believed to be cooperating with Mueller.

The story is sourced to an unnamed person familiar with the Trump legal team’s thinking.

Dowd and his associates were previously recalcitrant about allowing Trump to answer questions from the special counsel, though they’re repeatedly expressed willingness to cooperate with Muller’s inquiry. Trump himself expressed willingness to meet with Mueller during a June 2017 press conference in the Rose Garden, though he later back away from those statements.

Mueller is nothing more but part of the shadow government that wants to overthrow our President and has total control over Americans. Fire this crook and shut the investigation down.

I am sure the mainstream media will twist this story into something negative about President Trump!

Alex Hall

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