UN Chief Criticizes Trump Immigration Policy After UN Members- Without U.S. Committed To A Compact For Safe Migration

On Thursday, Heads of State and Government from the 192 UN Member States came together at the UN General Assembly to discuss topics related to migration and refugees at the global level. On this occasion, all United Nations members — except the United States — approved the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which is the first global document to promote safe and orderly migration and to help migrants resettle and provide them with access to education and jobs.

The non-binding agreement is set to be formally adopted at a U.N. conference in Morocco in December, a year after the Trump administration withdrew from the initiative because it undermines the nation’s sovereignty.

In his press conference remarks, UN chief Antonio Guterres acknowledged that “countries have the right and even the responsibility to determine their own migration policies, and to responsibly manage their borders.”

“But they must do so in full respect for human rights,” he added.

“Migration is a positive global phenomenon,” Guterres said. “Many aging developed countries need migrants to fill crucial gaps in labor markets. Climate change and other factors, including simple human aspiration, will continue to lead people to seek opportunity far from their homes.”

Guterres indirectly criticised Trump’s administration for his immigration policy: “Unfortunately, elsewhere, we see many borders closing, and diminishing solidarity with people in need. It is urgent that we re-assert the integrity of the international refugee protection regime.”

In response to a question, Guterres said he hoped the U.S. would rejoin the global compact process.

“Let’s not forget that the United States is in itself a country of immigration,” he said.


However, at a press conference in Brussels, Belgium, rump said loud and clear: “I told them today that the EU better be careful because immigration is taking over Europe and I said that loud and clear.”

Also, in an interview with The Sun in Brussels, President Trump stated that Europeans are losing their culture and identity by allowing an uncontrolled migrant influx into the EU.

Trump said: “Allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame. I think it changed the fabric of Europe and, unless you act very quickly, it’s never going to be what it was and I don’t mean that in a positive way.”

Those in power who speak out and tell the truth are so rare and President Trump is one of a few such leaders. He is totally right. The Londoners can protest as much as they want, but the truth is they let their country to be taken over by the invaders. The whole of Europe will be gone in no time.

What do you think?

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Natalie D.

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