Unempoument Drops To Its Lowest Level in More Than 49 Years, Paul Ryan Gives Trump’s Tax Reform the Credit (VIDEO)

Amazing what a non-politician can do for the economy of the country! Trump’s successes are making all our previous presidents that are STILL alive jealous and hateful of his success. It shows the world that has a brain that our previous presidents were inferior in ability.

And now even greater news! Unemployment has been going down since 2009! We all knew that when President Trump put a stop to free trade all those jobs would be coming back everybody knew it! Even the Democrats but they still don’t want to admit it.

The Labor Department reported that unemployment claims fell to 203,000 for the week ending September 1, which is lower than the 1969 number of 204,500. The unemployment rate is also expected to stay at the mid-3 percent range, according to The Hill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) spoke about the report, attributing the numbers to tax reform.

“This is the best job market we have had in decades,” Ryan said. ”[…] Tax reform is working, families are better off, businesses are hiring, businesses are expanding, manufacturing is booming.”

Ryan also spoke about the fact that those employed at lower-wage jobs are making more money and that the returns that businesses get with the new tax plan may have an impact on this.

“Workers in what are traditionally considered lower-wage jobs — the baristas, the bank tellers, the maintenance workers — they are seeing some of the biggest pay increases right now, and we expect this trend to continue,” Ryan said.

All I can say…actions speak louder then words….no matter how “eloquent” they may sound! As I recall, Obama’s magic wand was broken while Trump’s is working just fine! So, If Barack Obama even thinks we would believe him that he had something to do with all the greatness that our President Trump has done, he is terribly wrong.

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Natalie D.

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