US Commander In Afghanistan: Trump’s Complete Reversal of Obama’s Strategy Is Bringing The 17-Year War To Its Closest Reconciliation Point Yet

A year ago, President Donald J. Trump unveiled an expansive new strategy for South Asia aimed at bolstering American security. The strategy encompassed Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, the Central Asian nations and extends into Southeast Asia. He stressed the strategy will not have artificial timelines built into it.

During a Wednesday’s press conference, John Nicholson, the outgoing commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan told reporters that the South Asia Strategy is not only working, it’s bringing the 17-year war to its closest reconciliation point yet.

“The strategy is working,” Army Gen. John Nicholson, told reporters. “Reconciliation progress is significant, and ultimately, wars end with a political settlement. So the progress toward reconciliation is key.”

“We were on a glide path to reduce our forces, and eventually to close down the mission,” said Nicholson, who was appointed by Obama. “At that time, the enemy had no incentive to negotiate, because we were leaving …. the enemy believed we had lost our will to win. And all they needed to do was wait us out.”

“We have an unprecedented opportunity for peace now,” Nicholson added.

As further evidence of the success of Trump’s new strategy, Nicholson said there were two peace offerings proposed within six months of the South Asia Strategy being implemented. Within 10 months, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani offered a three-day ceasefire that produced striking images of Taliban fighters taking selfies with Afghan civilians.

Nicholson said the Taliban is still capable of launching deadly attacks, but not necessarily capable of taking control of key areas of the country.

“This was not a military victory by any stretch. They were driven out of the city, and it was done in about four days,” he said. “Can they launch an attack for four days? Yes. Do those attacks succeed in gaining and holding ground? No.”

“There will be ups and downs,” Nicholson said of the fight against the Taliban. “There will be leaps ahead; there will be frustration; there will be two steps forward, one step back from time to time. But the process has started and it wouldn’t have happened without the South Asia Strategy.”

If you want something done, you put the right people in place to do it. This commander and Mattis are perfect examples.

It’s good to hear from Army General Nicholson, commander of our military and NATO forces in Afghanistan. While reticent to call it a victory, he speaks not only to the progress made but also the prospect for peace there. And he also offers his expert opinion insofar as why our fight there in Afghanistan is significant to protect the homeland here and to prevent another 9/11.

It is so clear… Donald Trump is in the process of saving this country! He is the best president we’ve had in years!

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Natalie D.

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