US’s First Openly Gay Olympic Champ Was Just Asked If He’ll Visit Trump. His Answer Is Disgusting!

Liberals prefer a weak America. Run by weak leaders and full of terrified citizens. Because that makes their real job easier.

We are in good hands. Our vice president Mike Pence and President Trump are people of God. They love our nation and our troops. A complete change from the last 8 years.

It seems that their behavior is not something that he liberal snowflakes like Adam Rippon!

He first attacked our VP Mike Pence he criticized the White House’s selection of Vice President Mike Pence to lead the 2018 U.S. Olympic delegation to South Korea.

“You mean Mike Pence, the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy?” Rippon said. “I’m not buying it.” -he said

Since then he won the bronze medal and become America’s first openly gay Olympic champion!

But he didn’t stop the attacks on Trump’s administration!

He said that he will boycott the traditional post-games Olympic team party at the White House – he told the Daily Mail today, to protest the “homophobic” Trump administration.

“No, I have no desire to go to the White House. But I would like to do something to help my community” said Rippon to the Daily Mail.

ippon said he hopes to hold his own public event at the same time as the White House party for Olympic athletes,

He said he wants “to support my community” by highlighting his campaign against homophobia and for gay rights.

“I have kind of spoken out a lot,” Rippon told the Daily Mail, “and I’d like to do something positive and not just stay at home.”

Rippon was asked by Time Magazine if his decision not to meet with Pence and his comments have distracted him from the reason he came to the Olympics?

“You know,” he answered, “I’ve worked my entire life for this moment, but more than that, my mom has always taught me to stand up for what I believe in and that has given my skating a greater purpose.

“So I go out there and I’m not only representing myself,” continued Rippon, “I’m representing my coaches, I’m representing my country and I’m representing my teammates.”

“So I remember that,” he added, “and that’s how I stay focused.”

I really don’t get it he can’t show his support for our country the same country that gives him every right to express his freedom of choice maybe he should go to China or North Korea and protest there!

What do you think?

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Alex Hall

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6 thoughts on “US’s First Openly Gay Olympic Champ Was Just Asked If He’ll Visit Trump. His Answer Is Disgusting!

  • February 12, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    Why are we even talking about this nothing. So he can figure skate. I was a helluva pool player when I was younger, that did not get me any where. To me he is an attention seeker, no more and probably less by the way he shows no class.

  • February 12, 2018 at 10:50 pm

    Leave him there we already have enough morons in American… With the job President Trump is doing no one has a right to bash him… I’m so sick of these freaking liberals who hate President Trump and haven’t a clue why…!!! They spend too much time watching the lying Main Stream Media… They won’t watch a Conservative News Station because someone said they lie and those fools believe it… You liberals morons show the world just how stupid you are…!!! And I mean you are stupid…!!!

  • February 12, 2018 at 11:59 pm

    I agree with what was said “I really don’t get it he can’t show his support for our country the same country that gives him every right to express his freedom of choice maybe he should go to China or North Korea and protest there!” He only wants to bring attention to gays and himself the same as any lefty democrat , not America.

  • February 13, 2018 at 2:52 am

    This is so sad. This guy has been given opportunities most people only dream about and he can’t put his prejudices aside for a day to really be an American. Maybe he doesn’t deserve us, the Americans who care about everyone. Americans have heart, love, and are generous to a fault. Why do so many people have to make everything an issue and demand we all believe and think like robots? What is wrong with having a different opinion. Why must we hate everyone who doesn’t agree with our every thought or desire?

    He has worked all his life for this. . . He is 28 years old. That’s not very long, and he is doing something he loves and enjoys. There are athletes who work 35, 40 years and never receive the recognition they deserve.

    He doesn’t have to like or dislike the President of the United States, he should respect the position and realize the difficult position the person has and remove his personal feelings.

    I only wish people would keep their word and leave America if they are so dissatisfied with the President. This land would quickly become a friendlier and nicer place to reside if these folks would keep their promise . . . Streisand, Whoopi, Behr, a couple of the Baldwin brothers, Woods, etc., etc., etc. I know Rush offered to charter a plan for their exit.

  • February 13, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Why did the article say, “First openly gay Olympic champ? There’s been so many of them, but they were respectful enough to not say ugly things about our President & Vice President, as this little “Creep” did! I’m sorry now that I was even rooting for him! He’s certainly lost the respect from me and my family!

  • February 14, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    By his statement, he seems SO confused, in SO many ways…


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