Disgusting Video Emerges of Obama Mocking God and the Bible!

It’s been a few years now since Barack Hussein Obama finally left the White House for good.
This is a disgraceful piece of footage that has been released showing Obama making some terrible statements.

Obama is such a phony. The man works with elitists to prey upon the unintelligent to push fringe and radical sociopolitical views while relying upon the corporate press and media to pretend that such radical rhetoric and ideology is “mainstream” and “politically correct.”

He knows nothing about the Bible. The only time he opens a Bible is when he wants to make a mockery out of God’s Word and get a few laughs out of it!

One thing is certain, you can’t watch this video and still consider Obama a genuine believer in the Word of God.
His open mocking of God’s own words and his position that their application is relative to whether or not a person even believes in the Bible exposes his “faith” as 100% phony.

It is sad what this man has done to the United States and to think people believed him and put him in office twice. Half the country need to realize what has happened and the sad thing is they do not see it.

As you can see in the video below, the audience applauded because many do not believe in God accepting Obama’s arguments that laws must be based on reason, not God and his out of context quotes making fun of God’s word.

Shame on him and shame on us for giving him 8 years


It’s scary and sad that American citizens voted this unbeliever into office, twice. So glad he is out of the White House. God is watching… God Bless President Trump and his administration.

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Michelle M.

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