Vile Sarah Silverman Just Made The Most Disgusting ‘Joke’ About Abortion

If you could have a pure definition of hypocrisy it would be the modern day liberal. People like this love preaching to everyone else how accepting and loving they are but then spew out vile stuff.

Left wing, comedian, Sarah Silverman is living example. Silverman attended a Lady Parts Justice League telethon in early February called Life Is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It with the expressed mission of raising funds to support abortion.

“The fundraiser, hosted by Winstead herself, along with comedian Sarah Silverman, featured almost 4 hours of bizarre content, including abortion charades, an interview with abortionist Willie Parker, and political rants,” LifeNews described the proceedings.

A woman in a vagina costume introduced the game of grotesque charades, which they called “S**tty Law Charades.” It was in performing one of the grotesque abortion skits that Silverman made her quip about how a certain pro-life law aroused her appetite for mutilated baby parts. The conscience clause law she took issue with bans aborted fetuses from being used in manufactured food products (see Pepsi).

“If anything has ever made me want to eat an aborted fetus, it’s this law,” said Silverman.

Silverman also blasted the concept of religious freedom, saying it’s now used to enforce bigotry.

“Religious freedom used to be such a beautiful thing cuz it was like this big inclusive thing in the country, and now it’s just this shroud to legalize hate and s**t like that,” said Silverman.

The second law parodied mandated the cremation and burial of every aborted fetus. Silverman ghoulishly said of this law: “F**king funerals for f**king aborted fetuses? I would like to speak at those funerals. He lived the way he died. He died the way he lived. The size of a sesame seed with no discerning brain function.”

This is so sad!
Silverman seems to be following the same path as another failed female comedian. She is trying to hard to be relevant which highlights that she is not. She is yet another disgusting creature from Hollyweird. No value, no substance, just a waste of air…

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H/T The Daily Wire

Natalie D.

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