WATCH! Bernie Sanders Admits Trump’s Tax Overhaul Will Help The Middle Class Big Time

Many Democrats, were extremely upset on Friday when the GOP passed tax reform through the Senate. The midnight vote passed 49 to 51 after a series of ninth-hour amendments. It is seen as a major legislative victory for the GOP, which has struggled to find consensus on major legislation in the Senate.

But, Sen. Bernie Sanders was one of the vocal opponents of the tax reform bill. The democratic socialist from Vermont said the bill is raising taxes on working-class families:

But, now it appears that Barnie Sanders is screaming MAGA!!!
Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” when asked about the Republican tax plan Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) admitted it was “a very good thing,” the middle class would receive a tax cut.

During an appearance on CNN, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) conceded that the recently passed tax cuts provide benefits to the middle class. Sanders, who had previously called the tax bill one of the greatest heists in world history, was asked by host Jake Tapper if he thought it was a “good thing” that “91% of middle-income Americans will receive a tax cut” next year.

“Yeah, it is a very good thing,” Sanders responded. “And that’s why we should’ve made the tax breaks for the middle class permanent.”

Well there Bernie, maybe you and the other Democrats should have chosen to engage in the legislative process and actually done the right thing for the American people instead of being the dogmatic obstructionists you are. Perhaps then the tax cuts for the middle class could have become permanent instead of the GOP having to rely on the budget reconciliation process to get anything done at all. The reason it is not permanent is that Dems refuse to vote for anything Potus or Republicans propose. If Democrats wanted to vote on it or make it permanent maybe they should do their job instead of just obstructing.

So when the time comes, will Bernie and his Democrat comrades vote to make those cuts permanent, or is he a liar and a hypocrite who will vote against them again?

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Natalie D.

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