WATCH: Punk Beats Elderly Disabled Man, Never Sees Disabled Vet Coming To Pound Him (Video)

You never know what evil and violence lurk in the hearts of some. That’s why you must choose your battles carefully. Violence is always the thug’s first option, elderly man or not they don’t care. They see what they want and they try to take it.

A punk who tried to beat an elderly man arguing over a disabled parking spot at a Walmart parking lot was put in his place by a disabled veteran.

Fairfield police were looking for the man who fought with the disabled veteran, according to KTXL-TV. However, most of the unpleasant encounter was caught on video when it happened in September of 2016.

Reports say that the disabled vet approached the male suspect, whose girlfriend was driving the vehicle the couple was in and accused the woman of parking in a disabled spot with no visible disabled sticker. That’s when things got heated. That’s when things got heated.

Chris Benett, who witnessed the incident with his girlfriend Suzie Fowler, said: “All of a sudden, the guy just attacked him — an older gentleman. Opened up his door, grabbed him by his neck, punched him a couple of times.”

Bennet girlfriend added, “We have parents, too. It’s hard to imagine something like that happening to them. You don’t really think about your safety in that type of circumstance.”

Luckily for the elder man, Benett, who is a disabled veteran, confronted with the attacker, while his girlfriend recorded the incident on camera.

The suspect and his girlfriend, realizing that they had met their match, took off in separate vehicles just moments later. But before they left, the suspect reportedly shouted at Fowler to stop recording.

Fowler refused and threatened that she will release her pit bull if the suspect tried to touch her. Fairfield police are now looking for the suspect.

Benett, had a different message for the suspect…. to turn himself in because “next time he might not be so lucky.”
God bless you, Mr. Bennett.

Thugs are taught to see themselves as entitled to disrupt YOUR life until they get what they want. Only the lowest form of life attacks younger and older people who cannot defend themselves. This is thug’s typical mentality, they have no morals, no respect for anything and no conscience.

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