When you watch the clip pay a good attention, you will see these scumbag protesters even brought their kids! Great parenting skills are shown here! I wish I was there to support the family! My prayers are with the fallen marines, the ones who served and the ones who are serving! The Patriot Guard can do my service when I die, my respect goes to those guys!

In the video below, a group of Westboro Baptists protesters attempts to ruin the funeral of an American hero who was killed while serving his country in the Middle East.

They clearly did not expect to run into this group of veterans, who were determined to ensure the fallen Marine got the ceremony he deserved. (video below)

Those people that are protesting at a funeral of a fallen soldier should be ashamed of themselves for showing up with their signs and with the words that come out of their mouth they are a disgrace to the United States of America.

To trouble this family at the time of loss but they will have to answer to God for their actions for myself I am sorry for your loss my heart is broken it is hard not to cry.

Knowing that your son does not make it home alive. This biker club that comes to protect and to guard the soldier that has fallen and the family that is grieving I thank you for that you are Great American standing strong against the evil of these protesters with the disrespect that they show.

But one day maybe their eyes will be open to the horrible acts they do. Once again I am sorry for your loss may God bless you and your family.

Michelle M.

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