Watch! FBI Video Show How Members Of Warren Jeffs’ Polygamous Sect Were Caught In $11 Million Food Coupon Fraud

It sad to so there are many more people all over the United States abusing the food stamps, disability, and many other government programs.I believe let them stay on it for one year for food stamps and show there actively looking for work and then it’s done not like your on it for the rest of your life deal!

One of the groups that were caught in using food stamp fraud to get more money is Warren Jeffs’ Polygamous Sect!
Below you can see the moment were women from Warren Jeffs’ polygamous sect were caught in an FBI sting playing their part in a $11 million food stamps fraud scheme.

The women, wearing the old-fashioned, long dress favored by members of the Fundamentalist LDS Church, were caught on undercover surveillance footage, shopping at Meadowayne Dairy in Hildale, Utah.

The woman pulls up to Meadowayne Dairy in Hildale and walks in, spending a few minutes picking up some items and hands the clerk a list.

Having depleted her EBT card, the FBI claims, the woman walks out with a small bag and gets in her car. A drone follows her as she drives from the store to a Bishop’s Storehouse run by the Fundamentalist LDS Church. There, another hidden camera captures her giving her items to another FLDS woman who loads it into a shipping container.

Clips of the FBI surveillance videos, obtained by FOX 13, show a number of instances the federal government alleges was food stamp fraud perpetuated by leaders and members of Utah’s largest polygamous church.

The FBI recorded hundreds of hours of video using hidden cameras smuggled into FLDS-run stores, hidden outside the stores and a drone that tracked vehicles around the border towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz. The video, alongside documents and interviews with ex-FLDS members, made up the bulk of the government’s case against church members.

Sickening. They have no respect for the US government and don’t feel like rules or laws apply to them inside their cult but they will accept food stamps.

Alex Hall

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