WATCH! Man Revealed His Experience Playing Golf With Trump And Destroyed Massive Media Narrative After He

Presiden Trump is the most transparent loving, caring, warm, gentle president we’ve ever had! And here is yet another proof of that.

On Tuesday, a young man named Taylor Funk had a lifetime opportunity to meet President Trump. He posted a video on YouTube in which he discussed his experience of meeting with the president. He then revealed that Trump is a really good person and not a snarky punk like Obama.

Taylor and his dad, Fred, played 18 holes of golf with President Donald Trump at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida on Monday.

Via Conservative Daily: “It shows the progression of his day all the way from eating lunch with the president to showing Trump’s golf swing. It then concludes with his thoughts on the experience. After eating with President Trump, Funk’s sister described Trump as “kind,” and then they hit the course. There are several clips of Trump’s swing and what appears to be his phenomenal short game, as he sunk a long put.

At one point, Trump gives specific instructions while explaining the perfect place to land a drive. “To the right of the caddy — because there’s water to the left; see the tree? Behind that is the water, and you’ll reach that easily.”

At the end of the video, Funk explains how “Secret Service was amazing. There’s a ton of them out there. They’re just a well-oiled machine; it’s incredible. They’re in trees, they’re everywhere. And it was just an amazing day.”

Source: Man Opens Up About His Experience Playing Golf With Trump — It Smashes the Media Narrative by IJR on Rumble

He talked about Trump’s personality:
“He’s an amazing guy. Very engaging, very thoughtful. Asked a lot of questions, wanted to know how he could be a better golfer, a better president. He gave us insights on business and life and the world. It was just an amazing time and an experience we’ll never forget.”

Funk concluded in the original video’s description:
“One of the biggest honors of my life. Mr. President was so real, thoughtful, fun, engaging, and just an overall great guy! and a pretty good golfer! He shot 36 on the front 9!”

Thanks for sharing your day, Taylor! Glad to hear the younger generation have so much excitement in meeting the President. The kid is real and honest! No doubt playing with Donald Trump was fun.

Donald Trump is a man of the people!! He can relate to everyone!! Slowly, but surely everybody will convince that our president is a wonderful and decent person.

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