POTUS Just Lit Chuck Schumer On Fire As Reporter Tried To Corner Him With Idiotic Question (Video)

President Trump managed to land a shot on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer the only way he can!

Via The Daily Caller: “During the event, Trump commented on the importance of HHS and complimenting his new pick for the position. Trump’s last HHS secretary, Tom Price, resigned after a scandal involving his usage of a private aircraft for travel.

After the event, Trump was asked about his upcoming State of the Union remarks.

“It is going to be good. We worked on it hard,” he explained, adding that the speech will cover “the success with the markets and the tax cut” and immigration. Trump noted that he is hoping for a bipartisan immigration bill from Congress.

The most recent attempt at a DACA deal fell through and Democrats forced the government to shut down. The White House called the shutdown “The Schumer Shutdown.” Ultimately, Democrats capitulated to the GOP and reopened the government.

As Trump was leaving the press conference Monday, a reporter yelled about Chuck Schumer coming down to the White House to negotiate again:

“You going to bring Senator Schumer down here again?” one of the reporters yelled at the President as he left the room.

Trump paused, turned around to look at the press as he exited the room and said two words: “We Might”

One thing is sure! Trump is a very smart man and just what this country needed.

He is awesome. Gotta love it! No matter how nasty and sneaky the other side is he keeps the door open. We can learn a lot from this man. Right now he is getting things done, and this is what drives liberals crazy.

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Natalie D.

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